AeroBarrier X1 is a stable, non-toxic, aerosol-applied, waterborne acrylic sealant. AeroBarrier is a patented air sealing system that uses a computerized process to pressurize the building and install AeroBarrier X1 to seal leaks in the building enclosure from the inside. The particles deposit only at the leak sites and build to form a complete and tight seal, remaining firmly in place for years while staying completely pliable and flexible. By reducing air leaks through the building envelope, it is possible to reduce energy loss, help mitigate moisture damage, and enhance overall comfort and health of the building.

Three factors were considered when assessing the durability of the AeroBarrier sealant – flexing, aging, and compatibility of the material.

  • Flexing is an important characteristic, because most joints within the building enclosure expand and contract due to changes in temperature and/or moisture, which requires that the sealant material accommodate that movement.

  • Aging is very important for the building industry because some materials can break down over time due to leaching of plasticizers or other lowmolecular-weight volatiles, causing them to embrittle.

  • Compatibility is important with all building products because the sealant shouldn’t chemically react with or leach into other building materials.

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